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Turn your living room into your own personal box at the Wiener Staatsoper!

Here's how you can use the services offered by the Wiener Staatsoper at home:

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Directly from the website

You can watch live broadcasts and recordings from our videothèque directly via our web site on your computer or laptop, or ideally on a TV set or beamer connected to it.

You don't need any additional software apart from a current browser to enjoy the broadcasts immediately.

> Watch the web test stream now

Wiener Staatsoper Live / Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV and mobile devices

You can watch our streams very easily via your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or smart TV (Samsung Tizen from 2015 or Android smart TV, e.g. SONY, Sharp, Philips). Simply install the app on your device and select a broadcast. At any time you can use your remote control to switch between the live opera film and an overall view of the stage.

Mobile devices

It is best to use the Wiener Staatsoper Live app if you wish to watch live broadcasts from the Wiener Staatsoper on a smartphone or tablet.

> iOS app

> Android app

Mobile Live App

When a live stream is running, you can activate subtitles in the picture on any device and can choose from six languages. Select the subtitles menu on the computer using your mouse, swipe down on the touchpad of your Apple TV remote control, or use the down arrow key for smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV, then select the language of your choice. Of course you can also turn the subtitles off too.

Always at the best time

The live broadcasts from the Wiener Staatsoper are available for 72 hours. Subscribers can watch at any time within this period of three days. Of course, you can also watch live at Vienna local time in other time zones: however, depending on your location, the broadcast may then begin in the middle of the night or at midday.

Please select your desired start time when you purchase a single ticket: live or within 72 hours.

2 live channels

Live broadcasts from the Wiener Staatsoper feature two channels. At any time you can switch between an overall view of the stage ("Total") and a live-edited opera film with close-ups and moving cameras.

Digital Programme booklet

You can use our publications app to download a comprehensive digital programme booklet for most of our productions (chargeable).

> iOS-App 


Directly from the website

Visit the website on your computer and click "LOGIN".

You will now be transferred to the website of Culturall, our partner for on-line sales. Please log in or create a user account.

You will now see your personal area with information about your user account. If you have already purchased live broadcasts and productions from the videothèque, they will be displayed here.

Select live broadcasts or items from the Videothèque.

You can find out more about the productions and watch ensemble portraits, interviews, etc.

In order to ensure that your computer and internet connection are suitable, please watch the test stream on the device on which you also wish to receive broadcasts from the Wiener Staatsoper.

Complete your purchase on the website of our partner Culturall. Please note that the time zone selected for the start of the broadcast cannot be changed once you have concluded your purchase.

The "Watch" button turns red an hour before the performance begins. Once you have logged in, you can start the broadcast immediately without entering a code.

System requirements:
PC: Windows or Mac
Operating system: from Windows 7 or OSX
Browser: Explorer 5, Firefox 5, Safari 5, Chrome 5
Internet connection: at least 4 MBit/s

> Watch the web test stream now

Using the Samsung Smart TV app

Install the Wiener Staatsoper Smart TV app on your device and open "My Account".

Enter your Smart TV code to connect your TV set to your customer account.

You can find this code in "My Account" on

You can now view all the broadcasts you have purchased on your customer account immediately, whether they are live or in the videothèque. Please make your purchase on the website - it is not possible to make payments directly via the Smart TV app.

Use the red button A on your remote control to switch between two channels - the live opera film or an overall view of the stage. It takes a few seconds to switch between views. The keys B, C and D can be used to select the image quality depending on your internet connection.

System requirements:
Samsung Smart TV set from generation 2012
Internet connection to your Smart TV set of at least 4 MBit/s

Second-screen apps

The "Programme" app provides information about the current repertoire of the Wiener Staatsoper, and the "Staatsballett" app about the activities of our ballet company. Our monthly "Prolog" magazine and multimedia programme booklets for the performances to be broadcast live can be found in the "Publications" app.

You can download the "Wiener Staatsoper Second Screen App" free from the App Store or Google Play Store to the mobile devices on which you wish subtitles and scores to be displayed.

If both subtitles and score are available for a live transmission, please select which you wish to see. If you use two devices, you can use one - your smartphone - for the subtitles, and on the other - your tablet - to follow the score on.

The "SHOW SUBTITLES" button will turn red once the broadcast starts. The subtitles will only be displayed once the performance itself has started and the libretto is actually being sung on stage. Please note that both subtitles and score are controlled by the audio signal of the live broadcast. The connection to your mobile device may be lost if you turn the sound right down or have a lot of ambient noise.

The subtitles and score will be displayed again at the right point of the live broadcast once the connection is re-established, regardless of how long the interruption has lasted.

System requirements:
Mobile devices with Android (e.g., Samsung Galaxy) or iOS (iPhone, iPad) operating system

Always at the best time

You can choose wherever in the world you wish to watch live broadcasts from the Wiener Staatsoper. If you really wish to be on-line live, your performances also start at Vienna local time. You can also opt for the performance to start with a time delay when you make your purchase: simply choose from one of the thirty time zones, and you can watch our live broadcast at your best opera time. Please note that it is no longer possible to change the time of the broadcast after concluding your purchase.

For technical reasons, additional services such as subtitles and scores are available available only if you watch the broadcast in your time zone (i.e., in the time zone in which the mobile devices on which you wish to display the subtitles and scores are registered).

2 live channels

Please use the "Opera Glass" (Live Film) and "Curtains" (Total) icons to switch between them if you are watching a live broadcast on a computer via the website.

With the Samsung Smart TV App, you can switch between the two channels using the red "A" button on your remote control.

A live stream is the transmission of a performance in real time via the internet that cannot be stored.

Performances from the Wiener Staatsoper are broadcast on two channels. One shows a complete view of the stage ("Total”), the other a live-edited opera film produced by our video teams with close-ups and moving cameras. You can switch between these channels at any time at the click of a mouse via the player menu and in the apps using the remote control. There are two parallel live streams, and switching between them may take a few seconds.

Several video teams at the Wiener Staatsoper consisting of directors, cameramen, assistants and video engineers make the live opera films in a newly established video studio. For this purpose they use nine HD cameras of the latest generation permanently installed in the opera house. The Wiener Staatsoper's sound engineering team is able to ensure the excellent sound quality of the live streams, working in a newly established audio studio fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

"On demand" means accessible at any time. The videothèque allows you to choose from a number of recorded opera and ballet productions which you can watch at any time as streams via the internet. However, on-demand streams cannot be downloaded, neither can they be saved.

Each season we broadcast 45 of the 60 different opera and ballet performances from the entire programme of the Wiener Staatsoper. Watch the current live programme

Most of our performances broadcast live can only be watched live. Extensive post-production is necessary in order to be able to offer a live stream in our videothèque, an outlay that is seldom possible.

The preliminary programme starts 30 minutes before the performance with information about the Wiener Staatsoper and its programme, a synopsis of the opera being broadcast, various impressions of Vienna and the opera house, portraits of artists, discussions with performers and impressions of backstage.

From 30 minutes before the start until the end of the performance.

The broadcast is actually a live transmission of the performance. Depending on the piece, there may be one or two intervals (sometimes without an interval) of exactly the same length as in the opera house itself. During the intervals we give you an impression of work behind the scenes, visit the performers, and show you the atmosphere in the interval rooms.

A brief synopsis can be found at, and additional information is available at Detailed reading on most of the broadcasts can be found in our digital programme booklets, which can be downloaded for € 3.49 via the Wiener Staatsoper publications app (iOS and Android).

Subscribers can select their start time at any time within 72 hours. When you book a single ticket, you must choose your desired start time, and you can watch the broadcast only at this time.

When you book a single ticket, specify the desired start time within 72 hours when you make the purchase. You can watch the broadcast once – either live or at your chosen start time. However, you can change your start time up to the time you originally selected.


No, we also offer time zone delayed broadcasts. The starting times in your time zone are displayed automatically when you create your user profile. However, you can set the start time of a broadcast individually each time you make a purchase. So you can actually watch a performance live from Vienna if you wish, though it may start at an unusual time in your time zone (at 2 a.m. in Tokyo, for example).

Basically you can use any internet-connected computer or mobile device, as well as many smart TVs with their own apps (such as Samsung or Android TV – SONY, Sharp, Philips, Hisense, etc.) as well as on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Please use the test stream to check whether a broadcast works with the devices on which you wish to view performances from the Wiener Staatsoper, and whether you are satisfied with the quality of transmission.

Yes, but please note that the internet connection to a mobile device is often subject to strong fluctuations. Besides, an opera performance needs about 3 GB of data, and many mobile phone contracts include only a limited volume of data. If possible, it is preferable to use wireless LAN.

Certainly, provided you have been able to view the test stream without problems and in satisfactory quality on the device you wish to watch the stream on, and the quality of your internet connection has not has changed.

Please note that the internet bandwidth available may vary depending on the day of the week and time of day, and may be severely limited, especially in the evening.

You will automatically receive the highest image quality that your internet connection allows (adaptive bitrate streaming). The picture quality may therefore change noticeably from time to time.

The same high bandwidth is always used for an excellent sound quality.

When a live stream is running, you can activate subtitles in the picture on any device and can choose from six languages. Select the subtitles menu on the computer using your mouse, swipe down on the touchpad of your Apple TV remote control, or use the down arrow key for smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV, then select the language of your choice. Of course you can also turn the subtitles off too.

(The A1TV Mediabox in Austria does not currently support this function.)

Apart from our monthly PROLOG magazine (free of charge), many of our attractively designed and illustrated programme booklets with comprehensive original contributions are available – also in digital form – via the Wiener Staatsoper publications app for € 3.49 each. Thus your personal programme booklet library is always to hand, and you can collect the issues of our magazine to read at your leisure.

You can pay for the broadcasts you have booked – either live or from our videothèque – in a few easy steps using all the usual credit cards and immediate transfer via our partner Culturall. The Culturall payment system is secured by every technical means, and has been offering trouble-free and secure handling of all on-line ticket sales for the Wiener Staatsoper for many years.

With Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, you can also book your subscriptions via your iTunes or Amazon account.

Just a few minutes if you have already created a user profile or log in as a Culturall customer. Creating a new user profile takes a maximum of five minutes.

Please send an e-mail with a brief description of your problem and contact details to We will endeavour to offer you assistance as quickly as possible.