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Sat. March 1, 2014, 7:30 p.m. - 10:45 p.m. Vienna

Peter Wright / Marius Petipa


Marius Petipa and P. I. Tchaikovsky transformed the fairy tale by into a ballet which became the apotheosis of a style and a school of ballet developed at the Mariinsky Theatre over the course of half a century. The version of Sleeping Beauty danced by the Wiener Staatsballett has superimposed on it the English interpretation of Sir Peter Wright, which reflects the sublime impression which the Royal Ballet formed of Tsarist Russia.

  • Philip Prowse  |  Stage and costume design
  • Liudmila Konovalova  |  Prinzessin Aurora
  • Eno Peci  |  Prinz Florimund
  • Alena Klochkova  |  Die Fliederfee
  • Dagmar Kronberger  |  Die Fee Carabosse
  • Mihail Sosnovschi  |  Der Blaue Vogel
  • Kiyoka Hashimoto  |  Die verzauberte Prinzessin

Prologue: The baptism

To celebrate the baptism of Princess Aurora, King Florestan and his Queen have invited all the fairies to be her godmothers. Unfortunately Carabosse was the only fairy they forgot to invite. Deeply offended, she arrives nevertheless, and prophesies that Aurora will prick herself with a spindle and die. Luckily the Lilac Fairy has not yet expressed her wish for Aurora, and so she now promises that Aurora will not die, but merely fall into a deep sleep, from which she will be awoken after a hundred years by the kiss of a prince.


Act 1: The spell

Aurora is celebrating her birthday. Four princes have come to ask for her hand in marriage. During the celebrations, a stranger gives the princess a bouquet of flowers in which a spindle has been concealed. Fascinated, Aurora dances with the bouquet, but pricks her finger on the spindle and falls to the floor lifeless. The stranger throws off her cloak to reveal that she is none other than Carabosse, triumphant that her curse has been fulfilled. However, as she disappears, the Lilac Fairy appears to keep her promise: she casts a mysterious magic spell that causes everyone to fall into a deep sleep and a dense forest to grow up around the whole castle, hiding it from view.


Act 2: The vision

A hundred years later, a young prince rides past whilst out hunting in the forest. Remaining behind alone, he dreams of finding his ideal of love. When the Lilac Fairy appears and shows him a vision of Princess Aurora, he begs her to lead him to her. She leads him through the fog of the forest into the gardens of the castle, where he awakens the sleeping beauty with a kiss. The spell is broken.


Act 3: The wedding

The characters from the fairy tale arrive for the festivities being held for the wedding of Aurora and the Prince. They congratulate the couple and dance for the assembled guests. The Prince and Aurora express their love for one another in a pas de deux. The general merrymaking culminates in a grand finale in which everyone participates.